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About Paul Willard

I have a family; Two daughters who are now adults. I live in Hamilton city, and have lived within the Waikato district almost my entire life.

I dance ceroc; and compete in dance competitions around New Zealand.

I am an avid motorcyclist. I enjoy touring around New Zealand, finding complex roads with great scenery. My managerial and communication skills have seen me representing motorcyclists in Parliament during the ACC levy change proposals in 2009. I met with Honourable Dr Nick Smith, the Minister for ACC.

I like rock fishing and have spent many weekends climbing over rocks, walking down narrow bush tracks and wading through rocky shoreline to find the ultimate rock fishing spot.

I keep a personal blog, which documents my life, it is a fun thing which I try to keep updated: take a look.

I keep a technical blog, which documents my learnings, which I try to keep updated: take a look.

About Net Enterprises Ltd

Company name: Net Enterprises Ltd

  • P.O. Box 221
  • Waikato Mail Centre
  • Hamilton, 3240
  • New Zealand

Bank account (Kiwibank): 38-9011-0480207-00

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