Mobilegeddon 2015

Google has changed its search algorithm in order to change what is displayed on mobile browsers found on smartphones and tablets. The shift favors mobile-friendly websites and could potentially drastically alter where we shop and eat. By now you've probably heard that...

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No adverts thanks

There has been this thing on my mind for a while. It's based on the fact that I'm big on promoting website and whatnot, maybe even my own website 🙂 .. the thing is, advertising has been getting to me, and not in the normal way. You'll notice there is no advertising...

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Pirates vs Librarians

Yep it's the important issues I consider !!! Actually this is a somewhat important topic in New Zealand really; the laws surrounding anti-piracy and what-not in NZ. Today the NZ Herald published a story about libraries having to possibly remove all internet access....

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