Google has changed its search algorithm in order to change what is displayed on mobile browsers found on smartphones and tablets. The shift favors mobile-friendly websites and could potentially drastically alter where we shop and eat.

By now you’ve probably heard that what has been dubbed “mobilegeddon” has gone live!
Responsive design has been one of those “catch phrases” that hasn’t really meant anything to us business owners for a while.

Want to know whether your website is mobile friendly ?
Ask google

So turns out, even us web developers can suffer from this. During the writing of this article I discover .. gah! .. is  NOT mobile friendly!

Here a comparison:

Looks normal right? but not scaled for a small browser window, and not at all mobile friendly. Google is starting to hate me, and drop link in its’ search engine because I’m not mobile friendly. That’s not cool!  Now it looks different. This version of the website responds to the size of the device’s screen size. This is called responsive design. That’s much better, and Google won’t start dropping me from its search engine.
Not responsive  Mobile friendly website

This was about 5 hours work to redesign the website into a mobile friendly version.

Different website will take different amounts of time, but there you have it, a modern day responsive design, mobile friendly Net Enterprises website.



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