Yep it’s the important issues I consider !!!

Actually this is a somewhat important topic in New Zealand really; the laws surrounding anti-piracy and what-not in NZ. Today the NZ Herald published a story about libraries having to possibly remove all internet access.

It’s what I have been trying to explain to people all along; there is no burden of proof, and it will affect small business in NZ. ¬†Possibly my message hasn’t been getting through because I engage the “rant” mode when I talking; which is probably not conducive to listening to what I have to say ūüôā


Now I’m no saint I’ll give you that, but, and here’s my thing, if I see value then I don’t mind paying .. no problem in fact, I’ll pay!

Computer games for instance; I spend money, because I see value in what I’m buying, just take a look at my Steam account, see .. I spend money! ¬†But if there is no value, I refuse to pay .. sky tv for many years took money from me, all the while slowly but surely, increasing the¬†amount¬†of advertising I had to sit through, the value¬†diminished to where I could no longer stand giving them any money. Same deal with Vodafone. I was a¬†Vodafone¬†customer for near on a trillion years, but have just recently switch to 2degrees; better value

The real cure to this needs to be a better thought out way of selling movies, tv shows, and all this pirate nonsense. Better value !! that’s what I want.

It’s all related I tell ya . … fibre in our country could be an enabler to a fix for this problem.¬†We are meant to be embracing technology, not hindering it. The current climate is heading towards¬†stifling¬†technology¬†advancement;

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