There has been this thing on my mind for a while. It’s based on the fact that I’m big on promoting website and whatnot, maybe even my own website 🙂 .. the thing is, advertising has been getting to me, and not in the normal way.

You’ll notice there is no advertising on this site, no google ads, not a stitch! I have played with it in the passed, tried the google ads and earned my $0.00000006c of advertising revenue, and y’know what .. it’s not worth it. There are better things I could be doing with the website real estate ; or at least I feel like I’m “making a stand” or been called to some higher calling of blogging by not displaying adverts.

Nah that’s rubbish, I just don’t fancy it, and the amount that I get in return is just not worth it.

But here’s the kicker; it seems there is a correlation between the success of a website and the amount of adverts displayed.

Do you rate the success of a website based on the number of eye popping website graffiti bollocks? If I plaster crap all over my blog will I somehow looks more “real”? and if this is so, hasn’t advertising and website come far? it’s depressing to think that what I suspect might be true.


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